Indoor Tamburello

player of Indoor Tamburello

Indoor Tamburello was established in 1937 in Italy, and has become a popular sport to be played during the winter season. The game is adapted from Outdoor Tamburello. Due to the restricted space of the typical indoor facilities, the size of the court is much smaller than that used in Outdoor Tamburello.

Indoor Tamburello is played with 2 teams of three players. The game-field is typically rectangular in shape (34m x 16 m) and is divided into two halves. One of the players opens the service (battuta). The service must travel over the service line drawn parallel (2 m to each side) to the middle line. The ball is then hit back and forth over the line, the side hitting it out of court or failing to return it losing a point. (See diagram 1)

The game is scored like lawn tennis, four points constituting a game, counting 15+15+10+10. A full match is typically the best of 13 games (in Italy) or 18 games (in France). The ball is a low compression tennis ball, which is much lighter than the ball used in Tamburello Classic.


A typical team of players consists of a batter who serves and defends the back side of the territory, and two terzino (cordiers) who play at the sides of the court to volley or smash the ball to attack the opponents. (see diagram 2)

If the ball bounces twice in your territory or your team hits it out of your opponents' field, your team loses a point. The point is also lost if the ball touches the centre line. The ball cannot be touched successively by more than one player on the same team.


FIBT International rules for Indoor Tamburello 2008