Message from the founders

Chair person: Daisuke Harada

Introducing sports of Tambour (Outdoor Tamburello, Indoor Tamburello, Tambourelli and Tambeach) to people for the first time as "sports played with a tambourine-like bat", I often sense a slight chuckle in their reaction. In fact I can understand why people respond like this as they picture Tambour sports in their mind, as I reacted similarly when hearing about these sports for the first time. Using a tambourine-like instrument as a sports racquet does sound strange. However after seeing the game played, I believe people will certainly acknowledge each of the Tambour sports as serious and exciting sports. I think people will also understand how the tambourine-style bat adds integral elements to sports of Tambour sports after they play the game several times.

First of all, the Tambour bat provides a sound. Except for some silent bats, the bat causes a loud sound when hitting a ball. Various sounds are produced depending on different players, bats, playing styles and situations. As a rally continues in a game, the space around the court resonates with these sounds, creating a pleasant atmosphere and increasing the tension and excitement among both players and their audience. As players begin to seriously contend in a game together, people respond to each other and produce a unique resonance.

Secondly, the bat reminds us of physical senses that we are not aware of usually. Although Tambour sports have similarities to tennis and badminton, the bats used in Tambour sports do not have a long handle like tennis and badminton racquets do. Consequently, they create less speed to the object ball or shuttlecock than the racquets do. This means that Tambour-players have to move their body quicker and act more instinctively than in these other sports.

The Tambour bat produces sounds and physical senses. I believe these aspects are the main features and unique appeal of Tambour sports. Once you grab a bat and start playing, you begin to have a certain relationship with world: you are connected to the world through your body. You encounter and have social relationships with people who come from different cultural and national backgrounds through playing Tambour sports. For that purpose, we need you and your participation in order to produce strong polyphonic sounds in Tambour sports. Join us to cause resonances with world!

Vice-Chairperson: Atsuko Inoue

We encountered an interesting sport in Europe that we had never seen before. The sport (tamburello, in Italian; tambourin in French) was played with a tambour bat. It vaguely reminded me of the traditional, Japanese game - 'Hagoita'. This unique sport has some elements of badminton, tennis, hand-ball and beach volley, but the use of the tambour gives quite an exceptional feeling, making this unusual sport the only one of its kind.

The first time we participated in European Indoor Tamburello Championship in 2005, we were astonished and fascinated by the speed and skill of the world's top players. However, what I found the most intriguing was that during the intervals between the matches, some local children and people started rallying the ball with players of different countries. Everybody, irrespective of their age, nationality, and level of skill, was enjoying hitting the ball to one another. This was what really triggered our dream.

We wish to promote positive, progressive communication and interaction between people of all ages and across all cultures through the playing of Tambour. We wish to introduce and promote the sport in Japan, so that many more people will have the opportunity to get involved with this unique sport. We also wish to play an active role in supporting the International Federation to one day achieve the recognition of Tambour as an official Olympic/Paralympics sport. We have a long way to go to achieve this goal but firmly believe that, with the commitment and cooperation of the international associations, we can make it happen.

Secretary: Mizue Yoshimura

In the summer of 1999, I took part in the Tambourelli Tournament in Devon. This was the first time I played Tambourelli and it opened the door of this unique sport to me.

There were 4 courts in Riverford Farm in Devon, where everyone enjoyed playing Tambourelli, having dinner, singing and talking together. This experience made me realise that the sport has international appeal. Through Tambourelli, I have met many interesting people from different countries and we have had great times together. Now I am very much into Tambourelli, Tamburello, Tam Classic and Tambeach.

Tamburello is the original game from which all other versions derive, and its name comes from the instrument used to hit the ball with. Outdoor Tamburello (called Tambourin in France) and Indoor Tamburello are very popular in Italy and France, but are now played all over the world in different ways. It became Tambourelli in Scotland and Tambeach in Germany. These versions have different characteristics. I would like to promote this unique sport to Japan and communicate my excitement to you, so we have stepped forward and set up this association! It would be a fantastic experience for me to share the fun and laughter with the people who I meet through Tam sports in the future!