World Tambourelli Championships WTC2018

Dates: 28th - 29th July
Venue: Meriick Games Hall, Newton Stewart, Scotland, UK

The Championship are open to everyone. We encourage anyone who’s interested to come along and enter, regardless of experience or fitness level. Lots of games are played in a round-robin group stage and the mixed doubles tournament features random pairings, so you never know how far you’ll get. Scottish Tambourelli have been awarded the honor of hosting the 2018 World Tambourelli Championships (WTC18) for the first time since 2015. The tournament will feature men’s, women’s and various children’s singles and doubles competitions.The Under 16s WTC has 3 age groups : 9s and under - mixed only, aged 10-12 and 13-15 with boys and girls classes as well as the mixed doubles. Partners are randomly picked to encourage new friendships.
The Championships are open to spectators. Final games will be watched by all entrants if the players are happy with an audience.

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